Friday, 15 April 2016

New In || No7 Beautifully Defined Contour Kits

I love a strong contour just as much as the next person however it can be a little bit of a faff finding the perfect bronzer to contour with that isn't too muddy or too warm as well as a highlighter that compliments it beautifully. Luckily, I have quite the selection of both and I know which bronzer looks best with which highlighter although let's be honest in, the more highlighter the better! However there are sometimes when I just want to get my makeup done quickly without having to reach for two separate products so when No7 released their Beautifully Defined Contour Kits a few days ago, I instantly had to get both shades.

The No7 Beautifully Defined Contour Kit (£12.50) comes in two shades Light/Medium and Medium/Dark and both contain a highlighter and a bronzer. The Light/Medium is ideal for us pale beauties as the contour shade is a cool toned ashy brown that recreates the hollows in our cheeks without looking too muddy or warm whilst the highlighter is a yellow toned beige that contains no chunky shimmer or glitter that just looks natural on the tops of the cheeks. The highlighter can also double up as a setting powder for under the eyes as it brightens up the area whilst not highlighting the dark circles. The Medium/Dark is made for those who are slightly more tanned but that's not to say that you can't make it work for you! The bronzer is slightly warm toned and thus can look slightly muddy if you apply too much so a light hand is very much needed when applying. The highlighter itself is more of a champagne beige peach shade which could also be used as a setting powder for under the eyes if used very sparingly. Both kits features a brickwork almost cobblestone pattern that very much resembles a limited edition Bobbi Brown product from back in the day which had a very similar spray on. The kits are both finely milled with very little fallout that feels silky soft to the touch but apply ever so beautifully.

Whilst I have only had literally a few days to play with the kits since their launch, I've managed to make both shades work beautifully for me and I could definitely see them both being a staple in my makeup collection. I prefer using the bronzer in the Medium/Dark with an extremely light hand and just gently place it where I want to contour before blending it out with a very fluffy brush to avoid it looking too muddy. I then go in separately with the bronzer in the lighter kit to bronze up my forehead before applying it over where I contoured just to make the colour more intense but still blending it out as we go along. To set my under eye concealer, I do use the highlighter from the Light/Medium very sparingly whilst the highlighter in the darker kit is used to highlight the tops of my cheekbones. 

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