Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Radox Energise Key Lime & Peppermint Shower Gel

I'm a big fan of citrus scents so when I found the Radox Energise Key Lime & Peppermint Shower Gel on offer, I snatched one up and have been waiting to use it ever since as I prefer to have only one shower gel on the go at any one time. As it contains an energising blend of key lime and peppermint, it is supposedly meant to leave you feeling energised and ready to take on the day.

As I mainly have baths at night, I didn't really experience the true energising feeling that it creates when I used this. Although whenever I used it in the mornings, I did definitely feel ready to take on the day and I felt more productive than normal. I found that this lathered up remarkably well and a little certainly does go a long way. Sadly, the scent doesn't last long on the skin which I don't mind as I prefer smelling my body lotion over my shower gel. As a basic, inexpensive shower gel, I recommend this especially if you love citrus scents as much as I do as you wont be disappointed!

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