Thursday, 27 March 2014

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion

I've always been fascinated by the Jergens Original Beauty Lotion as it's been raved about all over YouTube as one of the best body lotions available in the drugstores. It wasn't until I found it in my local Boots on offer that I finally caved in and bought it. The Jergens Original Beauty Lotion is one of those body lotions that is inbetween a lotion and a cream - feels light weight on the skin but comes out rather thick. It contains a blend of nourishing emollients that delivers long-lasting moisturisation which leaves the skin feeling soft for up to 24 hours complete with Jergens classic Cherry Almond scent.

Now as much as I do like this, I hate how quickly I'm going through it. A little certainly doesn't go a long way especially with this body lotion so I'm finding myself squeezing out quite a fair bit to moisturise my whole body and even then it doesn't feel moisturising enough to my liking. This also means that I'm standing around fanning myself for a few minutes waiting for it all to sink in. With that being said, I don't mind doing that as it means I'll be smelling like battenberg cake all day..

Unfortunately, you can no longer buy this from Superdrug or Boots which I'm assuming because they're were not selling as well over here in the UK.

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