Saturday, 29 March 2014

Collection No Clumps Mascara

Collection are one of those brands that can have a few good hit products, in particular their cult Lasting Perfection Concealer, as well as quite a fair few products to miss altogether. On a recent Boots points splurge, I ended up picking up the Collection No Clumps Mascara as it was on offer and I fancied a new mascara as I knew that my No7 Stay Perfect Mascara would be coming to an end.

The Collection No Clumps Mascara is a mascara that claims to give beautifully defined lashes without clumps all with the help of a cleverly designed plastic wand. I've been using this now for the best part of two months now and I can honestly say that this is one of the best defining mascaras I've come across. Despite having a few short stumpy lashes, this helps transform them into long, separated lashes which has resulted in people approaching me and asking me if I'm wearing fake eyelashes or asking what mascara I'm wearing. They're all rather surprised to hear that its been thanks to this mascara.

Whilst this mascara does give brilliant results, I find that it does dry out rather quickly especially with every day use but it's cheap enough to be replaced every few months or so. I will definitely be repurchasing this mascara once I've gone through my stash as well as any mascaras that I'll be purchasing in America in May.