Saturday, 10 November 2012

MUA Brush-On Concealer Pen

Like many beauty bloggers, I seem to have an awful lot of one product i.e. twelve foundations, four primers etc etc. I have roughly fourteen concealers, not including backups, which I'm slowly making my way through. Back in June, I purchased MUA's Brush-On Concealer Pen and I thought that it would be about time that I reviewed it.

MUA have two shades of their Brush-On Concealer Pen which comes in either Light or Radiance. I have the shade Radiance which I find it just right for my skin tone however both shades may be too light or too dark for others. The packaging is very sleek and chic which hints slightly that the concealer itself is much more expensive than it right is *cough* £2 *cough*

The concealer has a built in brush and to activate it, you simply twist the bottom of the pen several times upon first use (once or twice if you've already used it before) and the product comes through the bristles of the brush on top. I personally found that on first application, twisting the bottom several times was just not going to cut it. I found myself digging a needle into the little plastic tube which is hidden in the brush to eventually release the product - and even then it suddenly came flowing out which I didn't find particularly good.

The texture of this is nothing like any concealer I've ever come across - it's very thick and gloopy, almost like a very thick foundation. It's also very heavy, especially when using on under eye circles which MUA claims this is perfect for as I found that it took a while to blend it and even when it is blended in, it looks very cakey. Despite this, I think it's much better suited for very slight colour imperfections as it sorts the colour out just fine. However, I would most definitely avoid using this on a blemish at all cost, at it clings to the spot and the skin around it which makes the spot look more enlarged than it actually is. I found the scent of this very intoxicating - it's a rather artificial old lady's perfume scent which lingers around for quite a while after applying it.

L-R is Swatched, blended in light and blended in heavily.

Some people may like the full on, cake like coverage but I personally believe that there are more better concealers out there, especially the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection one. If you're looking for a cheap concealer, then I would suggest avoiding this one at all costs and perhaps looking into Natural Collection's range of concealers which are only a few pence less than this one!


  1. Replies
    1. There are definitely better concealers out there and this one simply is one of the worst! xo

  2. I haven't come across a good review for this product yet, it does look too thick! I think all their face products tend to be, well foundation, primer and concealer.

    Lucy x

    1. I agree with you - it's more foundation thick than concealer thick.. I was so shocked at how thick it was! xo

  3. I wasn't that impressed with this either, which was a shame as mua products are usually great in my experience!xx

    I'm new to blogging, check out my blog if you have chance!

    1. Their products are normally really good but this one simply isn't xo